What is major ratemy paper

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what is major ratemy paper

The editor, looking at the reviews, mailed stating a major revision of the paper is needed before re-submitting the paper. My question is, what.
In my last post I wrote that I was having problems with motivation, which was true. Motivation, however, returned after getting a paper back from.
Just got peer review feedback and decision is major revisions and resubmit. It's my first paper and trying to work out if this is basically a nice. As F'x said, a major revision will lead to another round of review, where your answer to the first review will be taken into account. I want to rate. Tests aren't extremely easy but studying and reading the book chapters helps a lot. The class was very interesting, and I learned a lot! Prof Major is great!

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What is major ratemy paper Get the weekly newsletter! My question is, what does this mean, in terms of the chances that my article is accepted, when I re-submit it after making the corrections suggested by the reviewers? Sign up or log in to customize your list. I have successfully revised a paper with a reject from one reviewer, through a major revision, into an accepted article. BEWARE OF POP QUIZZES. Even if the reviewer or blog author is a complete crank, you should be able to debunk their arguments. Discuss the workings and policies of this site.
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What is major ratemy paper She does give EC opportunities. Questions that need answers. While I don't find the subject itself to be very interesting, Professor Major tries her best to keep everyone involved with her lectures. Other than that, typical online class with mandatory participation on discussion boards. For example, here are screenshots of the web interface facing the reviewer of ACS and RSC journals when he has to fill in his review. Click here to post a reply.
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