Subjects in arts stream for junior college paper topics

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subjects in arts stream for junior college paper topics

Junior colleges in Singapore were designed to offer an accelerated alternative to the traditional Students who have taken the Higher Mother Tongue language paper at the O-level and have obtained a minimum For example, subjects previously not available to Arts / Humanities students such as Physics, Chemistry and.
MOE Policy on Subject Combination List of H1 and H2 Subjects Offered by NJC All students must offer EITHER General Paper (GP) at H1 level OR Students in the Arts stream may select subject combinations from the following.
If you want to enter the Arts stream under the illusion that obtaining an 'A' solid essay framework that crystallises your understanding of the topic, . when making the intellectual leap from secondary school to junior college.

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American Distress and Contemporary Art. Many IT and multi-national companies require people who are speakers of a foreign language. Handling and evaluating different types of information source. If you have arts with mathematics as a subject, this is a sure-shot career option for you. Hema Malini REVEALS the secret behind her evergreen looks!
With the first year junior college admissions about to begin, it is time for students to decide their stream. Critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of this kind of educational experience, and lead — as research demonstrates—to higher retention of knowledge and improved academic performance. You can apply for revaluation along with the required fees at the the divisional office within five days of receiving the photocopy. We provide critical analysis, editing and mentoring to students who require it. Click Here to Read the magazine.