Museum Studies subjects to study law

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Museum Studies subjects to study law

You may choose any four courses from the Museum Studies certificate course Study on-site at the Smithsonian: Harvard Extension now offers active learning.
An Arts & Humanities degree in Museum studies major is generally offered at the There is no standard job description for museum careers or course of study that to be familiar with digital imaging, scanning technology, and copyright law.
The KU Museum Studies program offers a comprehensive overview of museums and the museum profession. all courses taught by experienced faculty members and museum professionals from leading institutions. Center for the Study of Injustice School of Law Faculty and Staff Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Museum Studies subjects to study law

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The following chart shows the annual median wage for professionals in the field of museum studies. E-mail: hallmj Select List of Past Museum Studies Conferences Cary Carson, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation ret. A similarly focused but broader organization is the International Council of Museums ICOM. Skip to main content. Museum management, museum education, collection management, exhibition design, conservation, curatorship, archiving. Restoration and Preservation of Historical Monuments.

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In addition to disciplines such as history, anthropology, paleontology, and art history, students are encouraged to take courses in fields as varied as public administration, education, or design. Emphasis will be placed on detection and identification of deterioration in objects made of organic and inorganic materials, and how these problems can be remedied. Find out what KU's Museum Studies Program and our alumni are up to. They maintain relationships with the Board of Trustees and staff and facilitate communication between both groups. Students will develop expertise in one of the principal specialties of museum work by completing at least two courses in that area, at least one of which must be a Museum Studies MUSE course. Archivists describe, catalogue, analyze, exhibit, and maintain valuable objects and collections for the benefit of researchers and the public.

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Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology CCB. Students may take up to two related courses in other Johns Hopkins University departments subject to the approval of the Program Director. This resource is now being hosted by the American Alliance of Museums. In larger museums, a Board of Trustees usually provides the direction and sets the policies and major directives. Criminology Analyse and examine areas of security, surveillance, terrorism, crime and criminal justice when you apply to study a criminology course. Find out what KU's Museum Studies Program and our alumni are up to.